June 23, 2007

23 // 06 // 2007

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Bit of a longer run today – up and out at 8am, and kind of started off without knowing where I really wanted to go (not a good idea) so just ran for a bit, and everytime I thought I knew where I was going to go I seemed to change my mind when the turning point came to follow the route I intended.

Anyway, I ended up doing a longer run than usual, which was quite encouraging as I didn’t feel too bad afterwards. Also managed to bag a piccy of a fantastic view on the Bepton stretch of the run.

Time: 1h 34m

20 // 06 // 2007

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No running today – Ben’s last Sports Day at MPS. The little fella won the Sportsmanship Award this year – uber proud of the chap! Of course, as is tradition, Sports Day is always followed by a celebratory beer in the pub after – hence the lack of running!
There’s a piccy of him picking up the award over on flickr.

June 19, 2007

19 // 06 // 2007

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Just a quick run today as time is a little pressing (Jack’s Sax exam today…)

However – very nice little run; just one lap of the Midhurst 10K route (i.e. 5K)

Time: 26m 11s

18 // 06 // 2007

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Good run today with David – usual (just under) 10K route to Tower bridge and back. Really must do this a bit more before the London 10K IN TWO WEEKS TIME! ARGH!

Time: 48m 50s

October 31, 2006

getURL problem in Firefox

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This was a strange one…

I’ve been developing a few Flash games that have links at the end of the game, taking you off to various other locations on the site using both the getURL method and just by adding a URL to the text using the text link box within the text’s properties window.

Well, it appears that Firefox will not act upon the link unless it was a fully qualified one, including domain.

So, in testing we had a development site that had a full domain but the final site was to be built within a large CMS and used a couple of URL masks, so it had to be relative. This is where the problems began.

It took a few hours to actually work out what the error was and I found a *very* useful page by Paul Robertson that solved the issue. Thanks Paul

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