September 28, 2009

Discover Maths for chemists

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Lovingly known as DM4C at EdComs Towers, we went live with our latest project today. A bit of a departure as it’s more of a web app than an educational resource – a search engine to assist students to find chemistry resources from maths search terms and vice-versa.

February 17, 2009

What am I twittering on about?

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Well, after my first attempt at Twittering last July, I’ve finally ‘got’ twittering. It’s just about the right format to hold my (very limited) attention. 140 characters – perfect. That’s not to say I’m a prolific tweeter, but I do like to post the odd tweet and lurk around some of the great and the good.
It’s also prompted me to try and post some of the more interesting destinations I find online. I’ll aim to post them here too at the end of every week as a reminder.
The last (and first) 2 I’ve posted are and

January 25, 2009

Really do…

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…need to update my theme here. It’s all very well working on other people’s websites, but it does mean you totally ignore your own for months on end, and in the case of this ‘ere one – nearly a year. Disgraceful, especially now that you can use Gears etc… maybe twittering’s the way to go too… Hmmm

Bras and Blokes

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May 16th. The countdown’s begun and we’re actually starting to think about training.
Sal, Jack and I signed up for the Moonwalk last year – a marathon distance walk through the night, starting at around midnight.
We all get to wear pinks bars and tutus (very British) and we’re really looking forward to getting into the spirit of things. More details to follow as the training starts in earnest.

first few steps…

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OK, just getting set up now, so please be patient!
Our photos are still here
and Mum’s are here.

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